Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about the Lenox-Conyngham Scholarship. If you have a specific question which is not answered here, then please do use the contact form to email your query.

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The scholarship is intended to cover all expenses for a student over an academic year. The value of the scholarship to attend the McIntire School of Commerce is approximately $108,000 US Dollars and the value of the Trinity College one is approximately £65,000.

The scholarships include all academic and accommodation costs for the year, an allowance to cover living expenses, travel expenses, (air fares and visas, plus the costs of a 'settling in' travel trip) insurances and books.

For students going from Trinity College Cambridge to McIntire School of Commerce, the scholarship also includes the travel costs for 2 trips associated with the Global Immersion programme.

Students at Trinity Cambridge apply in the autumn term via the link on the applications page. Students will be required to submit a CV and a letter expressing their interest in the scholarship to their tutor, who will in turn write a reference in support of the application to be included in the submission to McIntire.

A Committee of Trinity Fellows will recommend to McIntire the candidate that they feel would be best suited for the programme and after consultation with representatives of the Anton Schefer Foundation, will invite the selected candidate to make a direct application to the McIntire School of Commerce. The final decision rests with McIntire.

Applicants from McIntire applying to Trinity College will, in the first instance, approach their tutors and submit their application and personal statement to them. Candidates will usually be invited to meet with Mr Meade, Director of the Foundation, for his approval. Recommended applications are then sent to Cambridge for their final consideration.

Students applying to McIntire School of Commerce can only study for a Master of Science in Commerce. Within this program you can opt to focus on finance, business analytics or marketing and management.

Students applying to Trinity College Cambridge may apply for an Arts M. Phil course. A full list of the eligible courses can be viewed at

Students will be selected for their exceptional high academic credentials and for their strong leadership qualities. Active involvement in student societies, extra curricular commitments or sports teams are generally regarded as good indicators of leadership potential.

For McIntire School of Commerce it is necessary to complete three prerequisite courses, in Principles of Accounting, Statistics and Principles of Economics, before August of the year intending to study.

These ensure that the required standard is reached to enable the candidate to be able to progress on to the degree course.

Trinity College will need to be reassured that applicants meet their exceptional high academic standards - acceptance on most Masters courses at Trinity requires a minimum of a 3.7GPA.

Qualifying students will be in their final year and will be graduating in the Spring prior to commencing their post-graduate degree course. Applications are submitted in the autumn prior to graduation. Please visit the application page for more details on deadlines.

The Lenox-Conyngham Scholars have gone on to secure graduate training programmes with prestigious organisations including Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Lazard, Credit Suisse, Bain and Company and AQN Strategy.

Our experience is that generally, enlightened, quality employers are supportive and have offered deferrals on start dates, recognising the great development opportunity that the scholarship programme offers to their future employees.

In essence, to be an alumnus of the Lenox-Conyngham Scholarship programme is to become a member of a special community of individuals who have excelled academically, and whose personal qualities indicate exceptional future potential for leadership and service in many fields of life and work.

The Foundation’s vision is to nurture the creation of a community of alumni, who will be a supportive network for themselves and for the Lenox-Conyngham Scholarship programme.

We want alumni to feel a sense of appropriate pride in being Lenox-Conyngham Scholars, and to make a difference in, and for the world, in whatever humble or other way.

To be diligent, maintain the high academic standards they have already achieved and make the best of the opportunity, whilst being exemplar ambassadors of their respective alma maters as well as the Lenox-Conyngham Scholarship programme.

The Foundation wishes to see scholars take the opportunity to develop new, enriching trans-Atlantic relationships and networks, and thereby to help further the great Anglo-American friendship.

It is our hope and expectation that the alumni of the Lenox-Conyngham scholarship programme will make themselves available to support and, if they feel able to, also mentor new, younger scholars, and applicants, to navigate the programme and build successful careers beyond.